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About Us

Like many things, the origin story of Estrogen begins with family.


Tasmanian born cousins Debbie and Gill first took the plunge into the wide world of retail sewing baby clothes for the Eumundi markets. They had three kids and two husbands between them and in the middle of school runs, sport runs and all the other runs that come with kids they decided they wanted a business all their own. It was 1996. Princess Diana was gracing the pages of all major gossip mags, the Spice Girls had just released “Wannabe” and Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding Jr were busy screaming to the world “show me the money!” In Noosa Junction, Debbie and Gill were setting up their first business, a homewares store called Menagerie.

Menagerie is defined as “a strange or diverse collection of people or things” and although the girls set out to just sell homewares, the name became prophetic of their next decade in retail. Starting as a small two woman, three children and two baffled husband operation, Menagerie grew and expanded to include some beautiful souls in its catalogue of staff and customers. Selling everything from plates to kids toys to men’s tracksuits, they finally found their niche in women’s clothing. After a decade in this business together they decided it was time to change direction, and Estrogen was born.

Ten years later, Estrogen is still going strong. With two much loved stores in Noosa Civic and Noosa Junction, Debbie and Gill have cultivated a shopping environment for women that is affordable, on trend and delivered by a loyal gang of Estrogen queens.

It’s been twenty years since they first decided to trade their sewing machines for eftpos machines and although many businesses in Noosa have come and gone, Estrogen is not one of them. The launch of their online store in 2017 plans to bring everything Noosa love’s about Estrogen to the world wide web.

The Estrogen online store is about more than just numbers on a spreadsheet and clothes in the “cart”. It is the continuation of a passion project that has spanned twenty years. This story started with a small family. Over the years that family has grown and evolved as much and as many times as the fashion it sells. With the opening of its online doors, we’d like to invite you to join the much loved, sassy and chic Estrogen family.

Let’s continue the story!